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A free single-click desktop dock

OneLaunch is a free browser software that enables you to easily access apps and tools without leaving your current window. Developed by OneLaunch Technologies Inc., this desktop search and dock program is a great utility for your productivity as it functions as a central hub for all necessary applications and files you potentially need at a moment’s notice. 

From quickly surfing the internet to accessing any copied items on your Clipboard, OneLaunch allows you to open them by simply clicking on its sleek dock interface. It’s highly user-friendly and even allows for further customization with its widgets and add-ons. 

What is OneLaunch used for?

At its core, OneLaunch is both an app hub and an app dock—offering numerous tools within reach of your screen when you want to get something quick. This makes it pretty easy for users to stay focused and increase their productivity, as this software’s dock is conveniently located on top of your desktop screen and will always stay there. You can’t move it to another side of the screen but its position is unobtrusive enough thanks to its smooth black design.

Furthermore, the drop-down menu works well for launching programs without much hassle. Simply click on them to display their contents. Its search bar, on the other hand, will only look for web results—unlike how some operating systems will explore both the internet and your PC’s directory files. However, by setting its default browser to your preferred one, it will instantly open the results on that browser and will even launch a new tab if its window is already active.

Its web searching capabilities are extremely fast as it’s powered by Chromium, so you can quickly get back to your current window in case your browser isn’t active. Take note, though, that it only supports three search engines: Bing, Google, and Yahoo. However, it can still open links in most of the modern browsers that you have installed. It can even automatically import all of your bookmarks, browsing history, cookies, among other things. Installation is no problem at all here.

What is the OneLaunch toolbar?

The OneLaunch toolbar is your main interface and is a custom dashboard that’s saddled with default widgets. After installing, you can see the dock already set with its search bar, an icon for opening your browser, and its default tools at the far right. Clicking on this software’s icon at the far left will open a drop-down menu that displays four sections: the most popular apps that you can add onto the dock, your bookmarks, today’s weather forecast, and today’s news which you can filter by category.

Now, this program doesn’t prompt you to customize your dock from the start—the pop-up will only come after several minutes—which can also mean that you don’t have to waste time disabling add-ons that you don’t want. Just click the Plus icon next to the search bar to start adding widgets. These include utilities like Maps and Calculator, top sites like Facebook and Twitter, email apps, streaming apps, and classic PC games such as Solitaire. The selection from its app marketplace is huge and contains more than just productivity tools.

Meanwhile, this browser solution’s default tools at the right of the dock are the fan-favorites—and you can toggle their display on and off. There are seven in total: Weather, Snipping Tool, Mic, Camera, File Explorer, Clipboard History, and Recycle Bin. The Snipping Tool is your screenshot tool, allowing for the usual rectangular images and unique freeform snips. The Mic and Camera are privacy features that protect your identity. Meanwhile, File Explorer shows your most recent files, Clipboard History stores your copied items, and Recycle Bin directly opens the program.

Full control of your desktop experience

All in all, OneLaunch is a great software to work with if you want to focus on your task and need quick access to certain applications. While the prompt for customization doesn’t come immediately, you’re still free to start adding the widget and tool shortcuts you want to be displayed on the dock. Plus, you can easily set up the program’s other default features and even hide them if you don’t often use or need them.

A free desktop search application and browser (powered by Chromium) that allows you to customize your Windows experience.

OneLaunch upgrades your Windows experience with all those features you wished you had plus all the features you never knew you wanted. With a single click (one “launch”), open a powerful application that quickly lets you search the internet. Plus, you can customize your desktop to place frequently used features right where they need to be — anchored in a doc that is only a click away. Organize your open applications and windows, put your shortcuts and bookmarks at your fingertips, and maintain a clipboard history so you never lose your work. OneLaunch features apps within this powerful app — a newsfeed, calculators, maps and directions, package tracking, and a killer screenshot tool that’s become a user favorite. Get organized, take control of your Windows.

OneLaunch allows Windows users to take out-of-the-box technology and customize it to suit their own needs. Instead of the user adapting to the Windows operating system, OneLaunch lets the user adapt their desktops and laptops to their unique needs. The best part? It’s easy to use and you don’t need a degree in rocket science to figure it out. We are adding features all the time, based on our users’ feedback. Wish you didn’t have to minimize a hundred open windows to get to the recycle bin? Done — it’s on your OneLaunch dock. Wish you could do a one-stop-shop for your shopping needs? Done. Search for a product, and get results from all the major online retailers plus a few you’ve yet to discover.


  • Easy installation and data importing
  • Highly user-friendly
  • Customizable
  • Fast web searches


  • Doesn’t immediately prompt for dock customization

Older versions

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OneLaunch for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 5.6.1
  • 4.4
  • (7)
  • Security Status

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